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SDRC Training and Technical Assistance

The SDRC team can provide training and technical assistance to many different audiences. We provide these services to:

  • Daycares, Schools, School Districts, and School Professionals

  • Medical Professionals

  • State and Federal Agencies and Associations

  • Clinics

  • Families

  • Individuals

Examples of trainings that the SDRC team provides are:

  • Overview of neurodevelopmental disabilities: diagnosis and treatment

  • Overview of FASD: diagnosis and treatment

  • Individualized training on a specific client

  • Crisis prevention, de-escalation, and regulation

  • Profession-specific training (speech-language pathology, primary care, genetic counseling, mental health, allied health, education, and more)

  • Diagnostic-specific training for clinics expanding their services

  • Strengths-based approaches to care

  • And many more!

Contact us to learn more about what the SDRC team offers. 

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